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Envelope Teaser-13 Pet Food Recalls in the US in 2017 Alone! Find Out Why Inside…

Headline-You could be poisoning your dog without even realizing it!

What you need to know to protect your dog from the dangerous ingredients hiding in many name-brand pet foods.

Puptastic Naturals

Dear Fellow Pet Parent,

Did you know there has been an alarming rise in pet food safety recalls over the past several years? According to the FDA 2017 alone saw 13 different dog food recalls!

Here’s What’s Been Found in Some Commercial Dog Food/Treat Brands:

  • Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes– Bacterial contaminates that cause food poisoning
  • Quaternary ammonium compound– a chemical compound found in hospital grade disinfectants that’s contaminating certain food brands
  • Beef Thyroid Hormone– A hormone found in meat by-products that has been linked to hyperthyroidism in dogs. Continued exposure can lead to damage to the heart and in some cases death

And the list goes on…

But the big question is: Why are so many contaminants and chemicals slipping under the radar?

Like so many things these days it comes down to profits.

Many pet food companies are cutting costs by shifting business overseas where production is cheaper.

What’s more, food safety standards are less stringent and less carefully regulated in other countries.

The result- companies are getting away with using sub-standard, even dangerous, ingredients and you have no way of knowing it.

In a recent article found on it was noted that:

most widely available pet foods and even many of the brands conventional vets recommend do not contain clean, inspected ingredients, nor are they biologically balanced for your domesticated carnivore (cat) and scavenging carnivore (dog).”

The article goes on to state:

The scary truth is that the majority of commercial pet foods on the market today are using rendered meats that are not approved for human consumption. Because kibbled foods made with these poor quality meats are so difficult to digest and assimilate, they can actually cause organ disease.”

It’s no secret that, just like with people, one of the most influential factors in your dogs’ health is good nutrition. But if you have no idea what ingredients are actually going into your dog’s food how can you tell if they are getting the nutrients they need? Or if what they are getting is even safe for them?

It’s no surprise, that pet parents are more anxious than ever to find safe, healthy, chemical free foods/treats made by responsible companies.

Thankfully, there is a company who can help ease your mind about what you’re feeding your “fur baby”. A company as committed as you are to making your pet’s health the first priority and that remains 100% U.S. based. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

But before I do, I’d like to share a little more with you about why good nutrition is so important for your pet, and how you can be sure that you are giving your dog the very safest treats and foods possible…

Improve Your Best Friends Quality of Life with This Simple Lifestyle Change

Our pets make us happier, healthier people. They increase our quality of life every day and we want to keep them happy and healthy too. The good news is it’s a lot easier than you might think to do that…

According to “Similar to people, when poor quality food is consumed, overall nutrition is poor and general health suffers.”

Dogs fed low-quality kibble may appear to have dull eyes, a flat non-shiny coat, a lack of energy, excessive defecation, flatulence and digestive complaints… On the other hand, a dog that is being fed a high-quality kibble will be much happier and healthier.”

The article goes on to state…

While you may pay more for this dog food, you will likely pay less in veterinary bills and medications for food induced illnesses and health conditions.  In addition to better health, dogs that are fed better food often experience a much longer lifespan – something that no money can buy.”

Kind of hard to say no to that isn’t it?

But let’s break this down even further…

What actually distinguishes low quality food and treats from high quality ones?

While there is no “one size fits all” for canine nutrition, here are some general guidelines for what ingredients to look for and what to avoid:

Look for Avoid
Superior sources of protein (e.g. chicken meal, beef meal) Meat by-products
A whole-meat source listed in the first two ingredients “Generic” Fat Sources (e.g. “animal fat”, “poultry fat”)
Natural Preservatives (e.g. tocopherols (compounds with vitamin e), vitamin c, rosemary extract) Artificial Preservatives (e.g. BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin)
Whole unprocessed grains, vegetables, and other foods Artificial Colors

Artificial Flavors



Now that you have a better idea of the crucial role nutrition has on your best friend’s overall health and what ingredients to look for. Here’s the big question…

How can I provide my pet with the best nutritional value for the best dollar value?


You could spend hours scouring the internet for recommended brands and reading everybody’s reviews of which foods and treats they think are the best.

You could also visit boutique pet retailers in your area and see if maybe you can find a decent brand that doesn’t “cost an arm and a leg”.


You can go somewhere, where the research has already been done for you…

A place that offers all-natural, healthy pet treats at prices that are competitive with those of mainstream pet supply super stores…

A place that respects the individual dietary needs and preferences of pets and pet-parents

“Furry Friends” was established in 1990 by married couple and co-owners Felicity and Gus Pike. The company was started in the little town of Grayslake, Illinois, where its headquarters remain today. The Pike’s began their company with one goal in mind, to provide safe and tasty dog treats that support good health. Having several dogs themselves, the couple understands and shares the same concerns of many pet parents. This is why the good folks over at Furry Friends are so passionate about what they do. Their line of Puptastic Naturals Dog Treats is lovingly prepared in a kitchen, not a factory. Furthermore, each recipe has been carefully researched and humanely tested to be sure it offers the best and safest nutritional support.

The “Puptastic Difference”

  • Puptastic Naturals are handcrafted in a “human grade” kitchen that exceeds FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards, so you can feel secure knowing your fur baby has not been exposed to harmful contaminates of any kind.
  • Puptastic Naturals are 100% USA made with ingredients that have been meticulously selected and sourced from local farms that follow chemical-free practices. Now you can know not only what’s in your pet’s treats, but also where every ingredient came from.
  • Puptastic Naturals are corn and wheat free making them easily digestible for dogs with food sensitivities. Corn free feed also reduces the risk of contamination from aflatoxins (molds occurring in corn that produces cancer causing carcinogens).
  • Puptastic Naturals are enriched with naturally sourced Vitamin E, for healthy skin and coats.

Puptastic Naturals is committed to “keeping it real”

  • REAL Ingredients If you look at the ingredients label on any Puptastic Naturals treat you won’t find any artificial dyes or chemical fillers and preservatives. You won’t find any meat by-products or unhealthy grains. What you will find are farm fresh ingredients including eggs, lean chicken,turkey, lamb, liver, and beef for protein; brown rice and potatoes for starch; and carrots, green beans, pumpkin and sweet potato for healthy nutrients and fiber.
  • REAL Meat Flavors- Sure most pups won’t turn their noses up at peanut butter or cheese, but let’s face it, our dogs are by nature carnivores. They don’t just like meat they need it. That adorable little fluff ball curled up next to you on the couch, has evolved from a wolf and according to veterinarians like Dr.Larry Siegler ( Cornell University) and Dr. Jean Hofve (Colorado State University), even after over a thousand years of domestication, dogs digestive systems have remained virtually the same. The folks at Puptastic understand and honor this heritage which is why they offer Puptastic Naturals in Five 100% Natural Meat Flavors including: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Liver and Beef.
  • REAL Bargains- Puptastic Naturals costs less than the leading natural dog snacks you’ll find at your local chain pet store. For the low price of only $16.99 you can get a 32oz box of treats in any of our five fantastic flavors! That’s only 53 cents an ounce! Also as a special thank you for giving us a try, we’ll throw in a free trial sampler pack of all 5 flavors when you order one 32 oz box of your flavor choice. And if that’s not enough, respond within the next two weeks and we’ll also throw in a free copy of Dr. Jean Hofve’s book Paleo Dog! On its own the book has a $14 value, but it’s yours free with this special onetime offer!

Your dog is part of your family so why not feed them like family? Furry Friends promises that if an ingredient isn’t good enough to put in our food, we won’t put it in theirs. “Puptastic Naturals” are created using the highest quality ingredients to provide the most wholesome and delicious nutrition possible for your “fur babies” naturally. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Here is what concerned pet parents just like you are saying about Puptastic Naturals…

In the overwhelming sea of dog treat choices out there, it’s important to find a truly healthy snack for dogs. I recommend Puptastic Naturals to all my clients looking for healthy treats for training or just anytime. We endorse only the healthiest, safest products, and Puptastic Naturals are at the top of our list of recommended treats.”

—S. Karovski, DVM

There is so much confusion about natural dog treats that I’m grateful to have found your treats. Your ingredients are the real deal and I respect that you work with local farms that you inspect yourself.”

  • J. Dale

Bentley just goes bonkers for your lamb treats! It’s such a comfort to know I’m giving Bentley a healthy treat… I think your Puptastic Naturals are fantastic!”

J. Jefferson

My dog Digger has digestive issues and a long list of food allergies. Not only did these treats not have any of the foods/ingredients that he is allergic to, but he loves the taste! He’s tried all the different flavors and likes them all, but liver is his favorite!”

__ C. King

Puptastic Naturals, healthy snacks in flavors they’ll love, made with ingredients you can feel good about giving. Give us a try, with a risk free offer. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied Furry Friends will give you 100% of your money back guaranteed. No commitments, no catch, and no reason to turn this offer down. Just mail back the enclosed order card with your payment today, or order online at to reserve your free sampler pack when you purchase any 32 oz. bag of Puptastic Naturals Dog Treats. But hurry, our sampler packs are going fast, so order soon! Your pet will thank you for it. Happy treating!


Sara Stanley

Marketing Manager


In her book you will:

  • Learn how to assess your dog’s diet and find the right balance of healthy ingredients.
  • Learn what treats are safe for dogs
  • Receive training tips
  • Learn the benefits of exercise, massage, alternative therapies, and how to ensure that dogs receive the love and attention they need.

Even if you are not satisfied with our product and wish to take advantage of our 100% money-back guarantee this book is yours to keep for free.

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Lift Note- “There’s a lump in my throat as I write this…”

Dear Friend,

Growing up on a farm, my father use to say “There’s a responsibility we have towards animals. We depend on them and they depend on us… we must take care of them and provide them with a safe environment in which to live.” Throughout my life I have kept these words close to my heart, but there was a time, I’m sorry to say, that I overlooked one very important factor… the ingredients that were actually going into my dog’s food.

My husband Gus and I had both grown-up with dogs in the family and we knew we wanted a dog of our own one day. Within three months of getting married, we brought home an adorable female golden retriever puppy. We named her Lady because as Gus put it “she was a fine little lady”. Lady was a healthy happy puppy with no health issues of any kind. Lady received all her routine shots and went for regular check-ups. She grew into a beautiful girl who loved to run, play Frisbee, and splash around in the duck pond. But all that changed when Lady turned six years old.

Suddenly, Lady seemed lethargic, she lost her appetite, and was rapidly losing weight. We took her to her vet and after several tests he gave us the devastating diagnosis, cancer and it had spread throughout her body. We couldn’t believe it. How could this happen we wondered? How could a strong healthy dog, still reasonably young die of cancer? We began doing research and while we found many different factors influence our pet’s health one factor which appeared over and over againwas diet and nutrition. That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands and created Furry Friends, to provide healthy and safe feeding options for others, so that no other family would have to go through what our family went through, and no other dog would have to lose its life like our Lady did.

That is why I urge you to make Puptastic Naturals part of your dog’s diet today before it’s too late.

Thank You,

Felicity King-Pike

Co-founder/Owner of Puptastic Naturals and Furry Friends Inc.